Sterns Casting & Refining – Established 2012

SCAR was established in 2012 by current Directors Bernard, Hilary & Samara Stern. Throughout the decades of Experience within the gold industry, SCAR has set the bench mark for Refining in Mauritius, and presents innovative new or specialized formulated and original alloys and master alloys to this market.


From the beginning, the owners of SCAR made a conscious decision to be involved and committed to the growth of the local jewellery industry.


The dynamic involvement of the Directors has enabled SCAR to be at the forefront of development within the local industry, thereby ensuring that Mauritian jewellers have access to the most up to date equipment and technology, ensuring peace of mind with purity and service.

We at SCAR have grown as a family and with our dedicated, experienced and loyal Staff, we can conveniently accommodate high volume of processes and productions to ensure quick out turns and results. This leads to customer satisfaction that builds  strong relationships.

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