Fine Gold, Silver, Alloys and Pre Alloys

SCAR Metals supplies Fine Gold & Silver to the jewellery industry. In addition we also supply a large range of specialist alloys.

The alloys can be specified for casting or handwork. Alloys can also be designed for particular applications.

Alloyed GOLD


GOLD     24 ct (pure Gold)

22ct       Yellow/Red

18ct       Yellow/Red/Rose

18ct       White Palladium 10% 12% 16 % Plat

14ct       Yellow /Red/Rose /White

9ct         Yellow /Red/Rose

9ct         White (nickel free) Palladium 7% 10%


SCAR METALS Standard alloyed metals

(Casting and hardworking alloys)  

Alloyed SILVER


SILVER   (pure Silver)

930       Sterling Silver

925       Standard Sterling Silver

925       Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver

PRE Alloys



18ct       Pre alloy for Yellow/Red/Rose/White

14ct       Pre alloy for Yellow/Red/Rose/White

  9ct       Pre alloy for Yellow/Red/Rose/White


TrSS       Pre alloy for Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver


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