All metal received are verified and scanned via XRF before being processed. Assaying monitors the quality of the metal throughout the refining process, determining the fineness of gold or silver. SCAR Metals method of analysis: include traditional fire assaying, as well as the latest technology in spectrometry X-ray fluorescence equipment. All materials arriving at the refinery, whether doré or scrap, is melted and sampled. As a standard practice here at SCAR Metals, we use multiple samples on various positions, ensuring accurate results and testing for any variation between samples. SCAR Metals use accurate Standard Samples verifying equipment and ensuring final results continually improve our techniques and equipment.




SCAR Metals are equipped with the latest technology in refining machinery and equipment, these advanced equipment ensure a safer workplace for our employees, a much quicker process with the best and most accurate results in final product. With this advantage our chemist and refiner teams up perfectly having full control on our purity and finesse, ensuring customer satisfaction.


As a responsible Refinery we use state of the art machinery, naturalizing toxic waste and fumes produced by chemical processes keeping our environment protected.



Melting is a very Important part of our refining process. Our smelters are well experienced and trained in a variety of melting procedures and materials, whether we melt sweeps, scrap gold or silver, fine gold, fine silver, ash, salts, est. Even the final granulations melts deemed to be gold, silver or any specialised alloyed product.


SCAR Metals refining facility specialises in the recovering of gold and silver from used sand paper, polishing dust, old crapets, sweepings from the workshop floor, old gold, scrap filings or almost any other type of gold or silver scrap.




SCAR Metals recovers Gold & Silver from a number of different types of waste generated by manufacturing jewellers. This description covers all old jewellery, rejected jewellery, scrap pieces, bars...est. whether Gold or Silver. The metals are returned to the jeweller in either pure Gold, Silver or alloys. It may also be purchased from the retail jewellers, wholesalers, or manufacturers.




SCAR Metals also offers to buy unwrought Gold & Silver (either locally or Internationally). The precious metals recieved are remelted, XRF scanned and assayed. Upon agreement on the fineness of the precious metal and on the price fixture set, SCAR Metals will proceed with payment accordingly. The precious metals will then be processed and refined in our plant and sold separately.

SWEEPS – Most of the small jewellers collect all their waste product in a small drum and call the contents their sweeps. The drum will contain pieces of sand paper, dust from their vacuum cleaner, and dust from their polishing machine as well as anything else that may be thrown away.


POLISH DUST – When a jeweller polishes an item, he uses a polishing motor with a buff wheel to polish the item. In the process, gold is removed from the surface of the item and is captured in dust form. SCAR Metals refines the gold trapped in the dust.


FILINGS – All filing actions result in small particles of gold being removed from the jewellery during the manufacturing operation. The jeweller collects the filings and SCAR Metals recovers the gold.


SLUDGES – The wash basins of jewellers have traps underneath the basin to recover any metal that is washed off the hands of the jeweller. The metals are collected in the form of sludge and SCAR Metals recovers the gold from the sludge.


CARPETS – The small particles of gold that are not recovered by the vacuum cleaner remain in

the carpets. From time to time, the jeweller sends the carpets to a refiner to recover the gold.

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